Formwize Question Types

This form shows all of the question types available from the Formwize Survey application.


This presents as  a vertical list of up to 15 radio buttons. Only one option may be selected. An optional other box can be added.

What is your favourite form of relaxation?

This question type presents up to 15 options as check boxes. Any or all up to 15 may be selected. Options include limiting how many boxes may be selected, force a reply (at least one selection), an Other box,  or randomise the order the answers are presented in.


Select a maximum of 3 forms of excercise that you do regularly?


The same as the SingleSelect, but the options are presented in a dropdown format.

What is your favourite form of relaxation?


A select question that allows a small picture to be displayed for each selection. The pictures are selected from the account assets.

Select one of the following pictures


The LongSelect type question allows for very long lists to be entered and displayed in one or more columns.

What job do you do?


The Agreement type question presents up to 8 options in line, of which only 1 may be selected. For numerical ratings, a left hand, and right hand end descriptor label may be used.

I regularly take some form of exercise?


The decision type question allows you to jump a series of questions depending upon the answer to this question. In this case, if you answer that you do not exercise regularly, the series of questions asking about how regularly you exercise will be skipped.

Do you regulary exercise ?


The Survey type question, is also called a likert type question, and  presents up to 8 agreement type questions as a single group. results may be graphed as multiple data series on a single chart.

How often do you do these forms of exercise ?

Daily Weekly Monthly Never N/A


The Ranked question allows the selection of up to 10 options in rank order. Options include force reply.

Please rank in preference order the following forms of exercise ?



DropDownRanked provides the same results as ranked but the questions are presented in a drop down format. This question type may also be used to group multiple drop down select entries.

Please rank in preference order the following forms of exercise ?


The Autorank question provides an ability to rank a number of options, allowing only one rating number per option. Clicking in one of the option input boxes in order, the ranking number is automatically inserted. To change the option, clicking in the boxes again clears the input.

Please rank in preference order the following forms of exercise ?


The rating question displays icons as rows of 3,5 or 10. Mousover highlights the items, and clicking sets a rating. These questions are easy to complete and visually appealing.

Please rate the following



A simple score for each statement. Items may be scored the same, unlike a ranking question.

Please mark the following statements out of 10


The input question allows for the collection of formatted textual data, e.g.Name, Address, EMail. Field sizes may be set independantly. Up to 8 input fields may be set per question. Validation offered is entry required, date validation (with popup date selector), integer, email, time field, and floating point.

Please complete the following details


A singleinput question  contains all the validations of the input question, but can also be used to capture an email address that can be sent a confirmation copy of the form when completed, or a completion message.



A textbox allows for the collection of freeform text. The textbox may be set to any size horizontally and vertically, and the maximum characters entered may be set. Validation of the textbox means that at least one character must be entered.

Describe what you enjoy most about your favourite form of exercise ?

Write your comment within 200 characters.


A simple checkbox that must be clicked before the form can be submitted. Useful for forcing agreement of terms and conditions.

I agree to the Terms and Conditions


The hidden question can be used to track referer information, or to pass up to 3 command line variables into the survey, or can be used to present an opening or closing message in multi-page surveys.

The captcha is used to void spam-bots and make sure that the form is completed by a human.

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