This privacy statement describes how Scotform Solutions Ltd (as owner and maker of Formwize) collects, processes and secures the personal information that you may collect using Formwize systems or may provide to us directly.

Scotform Solutions Ltd provides Formwize, an online smart forms builder, which is used by people to create on-line forms ("Form Creators"), and by people who complete these forms ("Form Respondents").

This privacy statement is split into sections for Form Creators, and for Form Respondents.

Privacy for Form Creators

1. What information does Scotform Solutions Ltd collect?

Account Sign-up Information

When you sign-up for a Formwize account, we will collect your name, username, address, email address and billing information. Some Formwize account plans allow you to create subordinate Form Creator accounts under your own account. When you create accounts for these additional Form Creators, we collect only their user name, name and email address.

Billing Information

We never keep or store your payment or card details on our systems. We use a secure payment processor to process your payment details, which includes your billing address.

Form data

We securely store and process your form data (form structure, content and responses) for you. You retain full ownership and control of your forms and collected data.

IP Address

We use your IP address to identify you and your order.

2. How does Scotform Solutions Ltd use the information we collect?

We only use the information we collect to provide you with our services. We never use your forms or your collected form data; that always belongs to you.

We will never contact your respondents. We will also never access or share your form data with any third parties for commercial purposes.

You always own the data in your account. Where you upload mail-lists to make it easier for you to invite people to take surveys and questionnaires or fill out forms and applications via email, Scotform Solutions Ltd acts as a custodian of that data. We will never share or use these email addresses. The same goes for any email addresses collected by you within your forms.

3. With whom do we share or disclose your information?

We will share or process your personal information only in the ways that are described in this privacy statement.

4. What are your rights to your information?

You can:

Update your account details

You can update your account information at any time on your account management page. Information is updated immediately.

Opt-out Preferences

When you sign-up for an account, we will use your name and email address to send you periodic emails with regards your chosen service.

Out of respect for your privacy, you may choose to stop receiving Formwize promotional emails by following the unsubscribe instructions included in these emails or you can contact us at We may also send you service related email announcements on rare occasions when it is necessary to do so. For instance, if our service is temporarily suspended for maintenance. You do not have an option to opt out of these emails; which are not promotional in nature.

Download and backup of your forms and form data

We provide you with the ability to self-export, share and publish your forms and form data in a variety of formats. This allows you to create your own backups or work with your data offline.

It is your responsibility to backup forms and data that your forms collect and store within Formwize.

Delete your forms and form data

You can delete your forms and form data (including parts of forms, entire forms and responses to forms) through your account's user interface.

Cancel your account

You can cancel your account at any time by contacting

Any cancellation of your account will result in the deletion of your account and all forms and form data stored within. This data cannot be recovered once your account is cancelled. Please be aware that Scotform Solutions Ltd, will retain residual backups within our own systems. Data may take around seven days to be fully deleted.

Data Retention

If you hold a Formwize account, we do not delete or archive the data in your account.

You are solely responsible for controlling the retention period for your data. There are controls in your account where you can delete data at the account level (all data in your account or data from a specific date) and at the individual response level. If you are a Form Respondent, you will need to ask the Form Creator how long your responses will be stored by them in their Formwize service.

Privacy for Form Respondents

1. What information does Scotform Solutions Ltd collect and how does it use it?

Responses to forms

We collect and store, on behalf of the Form Creator, the responses that are submitted to their forms. The Form Creator owns and acts as the data controller for your responses and is responsible for this data and the management of it. A form may ask you to provide personal information or data. If you have any questions about a form you are completing, please contact the Form Creator directly as Scotform Solutions Ltd is not responsible for the content of that form. The creator of the form is usually the same person that invited you to complete the form and sometimes they have their own privacy policy. Scotform Solutions Ltd is not liable for any actions or inactions a Form Creator takes with respect to any data or information that they may collect from a Form Respondent.

Contact Information

You might provide us with your contact information, whether through use of our services, a form on our website, an interaction with our sales or customer support team. As a Respondent, we only use contact information to respond to an inquiry, which you submit to us.

2. With whom do we share or disclose your information?

We will share or process your personal information only in the ways that are described in this privacy statement.

3. What are your rights to your information?

Contact the relevant Form Creator to access your responses.

Whilst we collect and process form responses on behalf of Form Creators we have no direct relationship with form respondents. You will need to contact the Form Creator (the data controller) if you have any questions about the form, or if you no longer wish to be contacted by them, or if you want to access, update, or delete anything in your responses. We can put you in contact with the Form Creator if needed.

We provide all Form Creators the ability to perform data archival, data offload and data deletion to support data retention policies on the data and responses they collect through their forms.

Data Privacy & Usage for Form Creators, Form Respondents and Site Visitors

Usage Information

We collect usage information about you whenever you interact with our websites and services. This includes which webpages you visit, what you click on, when you perform those actions and what language preference you have.

We use information about how you use our services to improve our services for you and all users.

Device and browser data

We collect information from the device and application you use to access our services. Device data mainly means your IP address, operating system version, device type, system and performance information, and browser type. If you are on a mobile device we may also collect the UUID for that device.

We use device data to troubleshoot issues, to make improvements to our services and to infer your geographic location based on your IP address.

Log data

Our web servers keep log files that record data each time a device accesses those servers. The log files contain data about the nature of each access, including originating IP addresses, internet service providers, the files viewed or deleted on our site (e.g. HTML pages, graphics, etc.), operating system versions, device type and timestamps.

We use log data for many different business purposes to include:

  1. To monitor abuse and troubleshoot
  2. To create new services, features, content or make recommendations
  3. To track behaviour at the aggregate/anonymous level to identify and understand trends in the various interactions with our services
  4. To fix bugs and troubleshoot product functionality


Any use of Cookies and tracking tools by Scotform Solutions Ltd, unless stated otherwise, serve to identify users and remember their preferences, for the purposes of a) providing the services required by the User and b) collecting usage information with which to improve the website over the longer term, for example (but not limited to) web browsers used to visit the site, what kind of device the User is browsing on (e.g. mobile, tablet, desktop) and what actions are taken on the website during a visit. Such usage information is invaluable in the ongoing development of Scotform Solutions Ltd and the only personally identifiable information stored with the usage information is the user’s IP address, which does not give us the ability to identify a particular User of the site beyond their approximate geographical location.

Third parties and integrations

  1. We use to provide site analytics. Google Analytics collects data from every visit / visitor to our website but it does not store any personally identifiable information. Your IP address (which is now recognised as personal data by GDPR) is used to determine your physical location but the IP address itself is not data that can be accessed through Google Analytics. All data in Google Analytics is aggregated and anonymised.
  2. We use to provide our secure payment processing facility and they align to both our privacy policies as well as GDPR.
  3. We use as a transit for trusted email delivery when you choose to send your forms or data via email and they align to both our privacy policies as well as GDPR.

Last Updated: 24-May-2018