We have been honing our product for 16 years. It's our child and we want to ensure it both helps people and also evolves as it grows.

We are used by large and small companies and individuals alike. We don't differentiate between customers, you are all equally important. That's our promise!

We are headquartered in Scotland within the United Kingdom but with a global people footprint.

The People

We're a small team of people who just do this. We don't want to diversify we love this product. Most of us worked for "The Man" for many years and now we work for the people; which is hugely rewarding. The day we don't get excited by a customer saying "It works and it was easy to use" is the day we pack up.

We Care

We have a positive discrimination employment policy! As mothers and fathers we love to employ the overly young and old needing a break, we have students from schools, college and university as well as septuagenarians bringing their experiences and who still want to be part of the action. We have employed great people with disabilities who are not just equals but bring a work ethos and focus that has led to them being leaders and mentors in our organisation to those without disabilities. We are also a co-operative so we all work towards the shared same goals and have a direct influence on the running of the business as well as a share in the profits.

Our Mantra

We want to make your life "Paper Free", save a tree or two and make "IT" easier. We want to ensure you never curse at your screen and we want to connect you easily with your customer. That's it.

What we do best

We are fanatical about customer service. Contact us and test our metal!

Why Use Us ?

If you want everything in one package without optional extra or upgrades then Formwize provides all that.

If you want to make your forms look like your company or your brand or just want it to integrate it into your existing world we can do that. No annoying adverts or other company branding.

We use world class IT systems provided by Microsoft Azure Cloud and BT Cloud. This hybrid IT model allows us to ensure high levels of service and placement of your data in geographies to suit your needs. We can also automatically scale your services to meet peak demands.