File Uploads directly from your Form

File upload allows your customers to attach their pictures and documents to your form. These can be automatically sent to you via email or you can pick them up from within the system.

Here are some examples of using The File Upload facility.

  • Use our inbuilt (or create a custom) online expenses form and expenditure can be recorded detailing the expensed items along with scanned or smart phone photographed receipts uploaded for items of a certain value or all!
  • An online quote form could have photographs attached for estimation purposes
  • Create online competitions and allow entrants to upload prize winning photos
  • A club or event could have signed guardian or parental consent or disclaimers uploaded
  • You could have an online job application form where your prospective employees can upload their CV's or certificates to support their application
  • Create a private online digital diary by entering daily or special life experiences in diary page form and include photographs to document your loved ones in diary and photo form. All without broadcasting via social media.
  • Online contracts that need digitised handwritten signatures stored can be uploaded into a digital safe
  • Events planning can allow delegates to include agenda inputs such as there draft presentations or speeches
  • Employees using their own vehicles can upload smart photographed or scanned copies of their insurance schedules to ensure driving on company business proof is lodged
  • Employees can upload supporting material for online daily, weekly reports etc
  • Employees can upload and lodge their qualifications and certifications to allow a central HR facility to track skills
  • Online fuel receipt forms can have receipts uploaded for evidential purposes
  • A customer complaints form could allow file based evidence to be uploaded for say faulty goods investigation
  • Allow a smart phone photographed or scanned handwritten signature to be uploaded to 'notarise' your electronic forms submission
  • Record entries on a form every time you perform a sports activity and upload before and after photos
  • All your uploaded assets, photos, scans, documents etc can be stored or viewed and or downloaded at any time without additional costs being incurred.

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