test design

Test Design - a no brainer.

Design of tests are simple. Create a form with the questions you want, and an answer field will allow you to mark the correct answer for each question. "Test" questions may be freely mixed with normal (non-tested) questions.

A pass mark may be selected which can be used to influence completion options, so you can display a different completion message or choose a different completion URL depending upon whether the test was passed or failed.

test completion options

Test Completion - you have options!

Test and Quizzes forms provide useful additional options for after your form has been submitted and a question answered

The correct answers may be displayed after each question is completed, or at the end after the form has been submitted

If you don't want to display the answers, a score may be presented instead, or simply a pass/fail message, or nothing at all.

browse test results

Automatic Marking - see the results instantly

Browsing the test results will show a marked paper with a tick against all correct answers and a score at the end.

Or you can download all your marked results to excel.

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