Signature Question

Save Time with Signatures

If you need to collect a signature on a form, you would first need to print the form, sign it with a black pen, and then scan and upload it to send it via email, or send it via snail mail.

With Formwize Electronic Signatures, you can skip all these time wasting procedures and gather a signature directly online as the form is being filled in.

Simple, Responsive and Paperless

Electronic signatures are simple to use, and will work on on any device. You can sign and submit a form in just a matter of minutes, without having to deal with printers and paper copies.

Adding an electronic signature to your form couldn't be simpler. A single click in your Form Builder will add the signature question to your form, an it is fully functional after that. The Signature is held in the database, and is available for viewing and processing like any other field you collect.

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