End to End Protection

Traffic Encryption & Authentication

Formwize uses 256 bit SSL encryption and is always accessed over HTTPS all of the time for all of the users. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard for ensuring data is encrypted when being sent to a web server from a browser.

Data Storage Encryption & Authentication

With data encryption, you can keep sensitive information safe, while still completely accessible to you. This option is free and available on all Input Question types. With a single click of a button, your form data is encrypted on our servers using a key that is unique to you.

Our Hosting Environment

We only deploy our systems in carrier grade Cloud hosting environments that conform to international standards e.g. ISO27001; which ensures your data is held and protected in an environment which ensures secure and resilient information security management.

Online security is our core focus, so if you have a question you can get help from our security experts and not internet generalists.

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