Single Event

Single Event

A full featured event invitation

The single event form is the most flexible of the event questions, and offers signup for a single event on 1 day or over a number of days, or an online event or conference call. Advanced features include time zone support, attendee list management, waiting list option, and venue optional displayed on google maps.

Signup to event is automatically followed up by receipt, or custom invitation email with optional ical attachment.

Multiple Event

multiple event

Managing multi-session events

The multiple event question type provides a signup form for an event which either has options for multiple sessions, or a choice of multiple times and/or dates.

Up to 15 options can be presented plus an optional "I cannot attend" option. All responses are grouped into attendee lists for each date/session, which can be easily managed or downloaded.



takes the pain out of selecting a suitable date

A simple date picker, which can be created and deployed in a matter of a few minutes to help with the often difficult task of deciding a meeting date which suits all.

Each person can choose the dates which suit/don't suit (with an optional maybe), and each date is mapped to show the best suitable date to hold the meeting on.

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